Top 10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Died Before The Age Of 40, No 1 On The List Will Surprise You

CLEM Onyeka

Nollywood actor Clems Onyeka was shot and killed October 14, 2014 in crossfire between police and armed robbers in Asaba, Delta State.

All banks operating in Asaba had hurriedly closed down operation during the cross-fire between operatives of the Delta State Police Command, military men and men of the underworld who attempted to hijack a bullion van.

The 37-year-old actor was shot along Summit Express, Asaba, Delta State while the police and armed robbers engaged in a fierce gunfight.

He died on the spot.

An eyewitness said the van was ambushed around 2pm along DBS road, Asaba, by the armed robbers, who were operating in Jeep and Sienna cars.

In the process of trying to seize the van, the police escort resisted, resulting in a severe gun battle between the robbers and the police.

According to sources, the armed robbers succeeded in killing a police officer, while one of the armed robbers was said to have been shot by the officer.

Top 10 Nigerian Celebrities

A stray bullet hit and killed Onyeka, while he was returning from a filming location.

When the robbers realized that the police was gaining the upper hand, they escaped with their wounded colleague.

The deceased actor was buried at his father’s compound in Ikeduru, Imo state.

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