UNBELIEVABLE! Shocking Secrets You May Never Know About Late Muna Obiekwe, More Than 2 Years After His Demise {Must Read}

According to sources, his parents death in a fatal crash accident might have led him to drinking and smoking to console himself.‘As a matter of fact, he was supposed to be in that car with them but by stroke of luck, he wasn’t and was spared.

Afterwards, Muna took solace in liquor but that never affected his job.Despite his condition, multiple sources revealed he was still consuming alcohol on a regular basis.

“Everybody in the industry knows Muna drinks a lot; even when he’s shooting in the North, he has a way of finding alcohol,” a Nollywood source told us. he could drink the whole sea but when he hears the director shout ‘action,’ he gets into character.

3. He was a very private person

Contrary to many reports Muna was not ready to beg or raise money because he was too ashamed of what his colleague or press will say. “The guy was private. He kept to himself a lot and most importantly, kept his private life private.

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