How I Satisfy After My Husband Died 21 Years Ago – Veteran Actress Patience Ozokwor Reveals (Video)

Patience Ozokwor

How I Satisfy After My Husband Died 21 Years Ago – Veteran Actress Patience Ozokwor Reveals (Video)

It is difficult for a lady to lose her husband and the other way around, particularly at an early age when they ought to appreciate a few conjugal advantages. Veteran entertainer, Patience Ozokwor who lost her husband uncovered how she has been taking care of her s*xual encourage since the demise of her husband.

She said;

“I don’t even remember s*x. I have the right to remarry but I don’t want to. So, why think about it.

It is when you set your mind at it that you begin to desire it. I have erased it from my mind. When I see young people in love calling themselves ‘honey’, I just ignore it and move on. I don’t even remember s*x because God has made me be very busy.

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I am attending one function or the other. Even if I am in a relationship with a man, the man won`t feel much of me because I am very busy. Look at some young girls who are married, they don’t give enough time to their families, how much less an old woman like me. By God`s grace, I am very busy. You can’t even bring it, once you bring it I cut you off.”

Speaking about what she misses most about her husband, she said;

“His calmness, he is so calm. He had a way of letting go of a lot of things. I don’t even know why he should die, he is not a person that holds onto things or cries out for things no matter how stressful that thing is. I miss his company a lot because I am always around him. He doesn’t talk much, but you must know that he is there”

Patience who is a successful actress today once worked in a radio station and it was after she was retrenched from work that she moved into film.

She said;

“I entered the movie industry after my retrenchment from Radio Nigeria, and I started putting young girls into my fashion designing company because I did Fine and Applied Arts in school.

I was lucky to be among 30 Nigerian women that were sent to Cameroun for a small-scale entrepreneurship course for nine weeks. I learned a lot of handcraft there and I was able to establish an outfit where I trained young girls on handcraft, fashion designing, and catering.

I had an outfit called Art Queenties, my business aim was teaching young girls, fashion designing, hairdressing, beauty and body care, and kitchen services. They were doing handcraft too. When my husband fell sick, for so many years he was sick. I couldn’t tend to him and take care of my business at the same time. So, I gave up on the business.

Later, I got a political appointment with Udi Local Government as WDO, I couldn’t hand over to anybody. I had to shut down the business.

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I also taught in a school. I was teaching home economics in a secondary school. I went to the Institute of Management and Technology and I used the certificate to get a teaching job. From there, I went for the political appointment.

I later left the political appointment because of my husband’s illness. After my husband’s illness, I was about to go back to the same business when an idea came for me to join the movie industry. And it is paying me far more than anything I can think of.”

It is good to see that despite losing her husband, she has managed to keep her integrity both personally and in the industry.


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