Wow! See How Expecting Mother Photoshops Husband Who Died When She Was 18 Weeks Pregnant Into Maternity Shoot (Photos)

photoshopped her late husband

A widow has photoshopped her late husband into her maternity shoot, the woman expressed that she did so to show that her husband will always be with them

Her husband had died in a tragic motorcycle accident when she was just 18 weeks preg;nant
Every maternity shoot shows expecting mothers glowing in the full beauty of preg;nancy.

The women are usually smiling as they pose with the dads-to-be while they anticipate the arrival of their baby.

A woman who lost her husband when she was eighteen weeks preg;nant has done something unusual with her maternity shoot.

The woman identified as Stephanie Maynetto-Jackson photoshopped her late husband into the photos. Maynetto-Jackson photoshopped a shadowy figure of her 28-year-old husband into the photos she took for her maternity shoot.

stuart1 1

Despite the gloom this type of photoshoot may translate to viewers, the widow was seen smiling in her beautiful golden dress. She explained that her decision to do the photoshoot was to show that her husband would always be with them.

In a chat with Metro, the woman said: “The shoot was honestly a very difficult day for me because those days make it seem a bit more real that Stuart is no longer physically with us.stuart2

He loved taking photographs and documenting our journey. He did great both behind and in front of the camera.

He was a natural and had a smile that could brighten any room. He definitely passed that along to both of our sons.

I was inspired to do the shoot because I wanted our son to have maternity photos that would always remind him that Stuart and I both planned for him.

We wanted to bring him into this world and he should know that he was loved from the very beginning. He won’t have memories with him but this was a way for him to cherish this time in our lives.”


The widow and her husband, Stuart, who are army veteran were two weeks away from learning the gender of their second child when a tragic motorcycle accident took the expecting father’s life.

Maynetto-Jackson who revealed that her unborn baby is a boy, further expressed that she is glad that many people responded to the maternity shoot positively.

She said: “The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive from most people. A lot of people have said that they now cherish their loved ones and treat them better.

I have noticed a lot of friends and family that were affected by his passing begin actually “living” their lives.

It was heartwarming to hear that our love story was followed by so many people in life and then in death it continued to inspire so many others.

I’m just so glad that our story is being heard and shared throughout the world. I hope that it helps people cherish those they love and hold them close.

My boys will grow up to know who their father was and this was one way to make sure that they never forget just how much we loved each other and them.”

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