Yul Edochie First Wife Places A Curse On Him And His Latest Bride (Video)

yul edochie first wife

Yul Edochie First Wife places curse on Nollywood actor, Yul whose second wife is said to have put a curse on him and his new spouse. Fans, the media, and everyone else have a great deal of interest and curiosity about this incident.

When it comes to his love relationships, Yul Edochie, a well-known character in the Nigerian film business, has always been a source of intrigue. Unexpected events recently thrust his first marriage, which had been cloaked in mystery, into the spotlight.

yul edochie first wife

When a video of Yul Edochie’s first wife uttering comments that seemed to be curses meant at him and his married wife came online, the internet was outraged. This video swiftly gained popularity and sparked contentious conversations on many social media sites.

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It’s still unclear what exactly caused the quarrel that is said to have resulted in the curse. There are several theories; some say that money disagreements are the root cause, while others contend that personal problems within the family may be to blame. The precise origin of the curse has not been officially acknowledged by Yul Edochie or his first spouse.

Yul Edochie First Wife

yul edochie first wife yul edochie first wife

yul edochie first wife yul edochie first wife

yul edochie first wife

The video’s release immediately caused a media frenzy, with various news organizations covering the incident. Those who were worried and intrigued flooded social media networks with messages and comments. One of the most discussed subjects online, Yul Edochie and the curse-related hashtags dominated trending lists.

Yul Edochie addressed the accusations and the curse hurled at him and his new wife on his official social media accounts in response to the developing scenario. The actor implored the public not to draw judgments and asked for privacy for his family during this trying time through a number of posts.


Although Yul Edochie and his first wife have received a lot of attention, nothing is known about the perspective of the new spouse. Her name has been carefully concealed, and neither her opinions nor her views have been made public.

Concerns about potential legal repercussions arise given the conflict’s public character. It is still unclear whether both sides will decide to use mediation, private negotiations, or the court system to settle their differences. We can only guess how they intend to handle the matter as we are outsiders.

yul edochies first wife

The entire affair serves as a potent reminder of the enormous influence social media has over influencing public opinion and igniting discussions. It emphasizes the significance of ethical online conduct and the potential repercussions of viral content.

The Yul Edochie curse video is a subject of great attention and worry for many as the tale goes on. There have been no formal announcements from the parties concerned, so conjecture abounds about what will happen next.

Yul Edochie First Wife

Meanwhile, Actor Sylvester Madu hits back at critics who seem surprised that he sells second-hand goods popularly called ‘okrika’.

On Friday, a video surfaced on social media capturing the movie star selling the fairly used items in a market in Enugu.

In the now-viral footage, Madu, clad in a brown jacket, was seen holding a sack of clothes while discussing with some customers.

The video came as a shock to Nigerians; some of whom expressed concern about the actor.

Yul Edochie First Wife

Reacting to the viral clip, Madu said he is proud of “my business empire” which included many people selling various kinds of fairly used items.

He also tackled unemployed youths who are surprised by “my legit business,” urging them to get a job and stop begging for N2000 on social media.

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