10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Died From Cancer and Kidney Failure Including Babangida {With Photos As Their Souls Continue To Rest In Peace}

10 Nigerian Celebrities

Olayinka was a devout Christian, she was survived by her aged mother, husband and their three children.

More notable Nigerians that died of cancer:* Upcoming Nigerian rapper, Joel Essoumam aka Cameey, who died on August 22, 2019.

According to reports, the rapper was said to have been battling hepatitis B which later degenerated into liver cancer.

* Nigerian international makeup artist, Buntricia Bastian, died nine months after sharing a goodbye message on social media.

She died February 2019 from cancer complications 9 months after sharing goodbye message on Instagram.

* Nollywood actor Ola Omonitan also known as Ajimajasan died after battling cancer at 80 in October 2018.

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