10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Died From Cancer and Kidney Failure Including Babangida {With Photos As Their Souls Continue To Rest In Peace}

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He had been suffering from an enlarged heart, spinal cord problem and prostate cancer.

* The story of Nigerian Edu Val left many in shock and filled with a great deal of pain. Val died from stage 4 cancer after begging God for mercy. Edu was in so much pain from treating cancer that he begged God to take his life before he takes it himself on Twitter. He would later die January 2018.

* Nigeria’s first super model Yemi Fawaz died at age 64 reportedly after battling colon cancer.

* Oluremi Osholake (Remi Lagos) – Fashion Designer died of uterine Cancer (Endometrial Cancer) in the United Kingdom

* Yinka Craig – Popular TV personality died of blood cancer.

* Dr. May Nzeribe – Advertising guru died of prostrate cancer

May their souls rest in perfect peace.

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10 Nigerian Celebrities

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