13 Baby Names No One Loves Any More – See If Yours Or Your Little One’s Is On The List

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These names used to be hugely popular, but are now facing extinction

Olivia, Sophia, Amelia, Noah, George and Harry may all be riding high in the baby name charts , but this might not be forever.

As odd as it may seem, the name you’ve given your little one – a name you’ve probably spent ages deliberating over and put a lot of thought into – may one day be seen as being a bit naff.

Or too try-hard. Or dull. It may even one day face extinction – such is the fickle nature of baby name fashions.

Charlie and Isabelle may seem like classics right now, but will they stand the test of time?

Not necessarily. A whole range of ‘retro’ names which were popular in the seventies and eighties are at risk of dying out.

Let’s a take a look at which names are suffering – maybe it will inspire you to bring them back…

1. Gary

Only 33 babies were named Gary in 2014 according to Netmums .

2. Annette

Whereas Annette has not been chosen by a single parent this year.

3. Norman

Meaning ‘Northern man,’ Norman just about made it into the top 3,000 baby names.

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