5 Civil Engineering Jobs To Kick Off Your Career {Must Read}

5 civil engineering jobs


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Civil Engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that its history dates back to the first time somebody built a shade to protect himself/herself from the rain or the first time somebody laid down a tree trunk to cross a river.

With infrastructure playing a crucial role in the overall progress of a country’s economy in the present day, civil engineering is considered to be one of the most important engineering fields. Thus, the demand for civil engineers has also gone up.

Although civil engineering is broadly divided into two categories – structural designs and construction, many specialized areas have also evolved.

Civil Engineering is one of the highest paying professions and offers a variety of career options. If you are currently pursuing a degree in civil engineering or contemplating a career in the same, here are the different types of jobs you can explore and choose as your career option:

1. Construction Engineering

Construction engineering involves managing an entire construction project right from planning and execution, to transportation of materials, and site development. Despite a formal degree in civil engineering, the job of construction engineers is more business-like in nature.

It usually involves drafting and reviewing contracts, gauging logistical operations, and keeping a check on the overall cost of the construction project.

2. Structural Engineering

The work of a structural engineer is to study and analyze structural designs such as buildings, towers, bridges, tunnels, flyovers, offshore structures, etc.

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This field of engineering is concerned with identifying the loads, their corresponding effect on a particular type of structure, and designing a structure that is safe and supports the loads.

3. Surveying Engineering

This branch of civil engineering deals in surveying and leveling using different instruments to shape a particular piece of land.

Surveying and leveling are done to identify and measure property lines for laying out structures for constructions.

5 Civil Engineering Jobs

Generally, this field of civil engineering is classified into two categories– plane surveying and geodetic surveying.

4. Transportation Engineering

Transportation engineering is concerned with designing new and maintaining the already existing roadways and public transportation systems.

The major task of a transportation engineer is to design a system or redesign an existing one in such a way that it improves the overall traffic movement patterns, lightens traffic congestion and prevents accidents from happening.

5. Geotechnical Engineering

This civil engineering branch deals with studying the rock and the soil of the area where the civil structures are currently standing or will be planned for construction in the future.

Geotechnology plays a key role in all civil engineering projects built on the ground, and it is vital for the assessment of natural risks such as earthquakes, liquefaction, sinkholes, rockfalls, and landslides.

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