Different Types Of Magazines With Examples

different types of magazines

Different types of magazines with examples as contained in this article will expose to you the whole lot you want to understand about magazine journalism.


Magazine journalism uses the ordinary journalism tools of interviews, historical past lookup and writing to produce articles for customer and exchange magazines.

Magazine journalism differs from newspaper journalism in at least five ways.

Newspapers have a very broad target market with widely varying ages and hobbies restricted to one metropolitan area.

Magazines have a countrywide target audience who has a very specialized activity in one precise topic. Magazines are published month-to-month instead of daily.

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Therefore readers anticipate articles that are longer with an awful lot extra in-depth analysis of troubles and trends.

Magazine, a ebook issued at ordinary intervals, commonly weekly or monthly, containing articles tales, photographs, advertisement, and different features, with a page measurement that is typically smaller than that of a newspaper however large that that of a book.

different types of magazines

Magazine today is an vital supply of information.

It performs entertainment feature very well and builds the opinion of reader on the different hand.

different types of magazines

Brief History:
· First journal was once “review” in 1704 written for 9 years via Daniel defoe.

It consisted of four pages three times a week.

In 1709 “tattler “by Richard steel was once published.

It was edited through a fictitious editor known as “isac Bickerstaff”.
· In 1711 “spectator” by means of joseph Addison was once published.

In sub continent:

First journal published in 1870 was once “hickey gazette”. the editor used to be james augustus hickey.

It was once an English magazine.

After independence of Pakistan there used to be the birth of a new independent society in Pakistan.

Journalism performed up function in information of society.
· National press trust used to be created in 1963.

Due to NPT assertion of magazine was tough to obtain.

General yahya comfortable restrictions however imposed later on.
· General ziaulhuq lifted restrictions for a quick period.

In 1988 interim government cancelled the press and publication ordinance and a new ordinance i.e. Registration of printing and press ordinance (RPPO) was made.

RPPO is nevertheless strolling in Pakistan.

Types of Magazines:
Following are the most frequent kinds of magazines.

Magazines of widespread interest: these magazines cater the need of whole populace and have large circulation.

In Pakistan Lailo nihar, Zindagi, Urdu digest, Quomi Digest, Family, Akhbare jahan are the examples.

different types of magazines

The world famous reader digest is also in equal category.
News Magazine: these are periodicals which are produced weekly or fortnightly.

Articles on situation, politics, Economics, Religon, industry, sports and many others are posted e.g. Herald, Weekly Pulse, and Times.

High Class Magazines:

These magazine are aimed at chosen audience, they attraction to a precise class. These magazines are serious minded periodicals offering high level reporting with emphasis upon literacy, ethical, social, political or scientific problems.

Magazine of Men’s Interest: e.g. sports, love stories, fashion, photos
Technical Magazines: these magazines are for specialized sections of society i.e. engineering, medicine, gardening etc.

The House Magazine/ Journals: These are produced by companies, companies and so on and are allotted free of price to employees, customers.

The motive behind is to existing the merchandise of a company. House journals are produced with the aid of the public relation branch of any organization.

Literary Magazine: earlier than partition there have been literary guys like sirsyed, laulana zafar ali khan, hasrat muhani, mulana Muhammad ali jauhar etc.

they have been poets, writers and literary figures.

They published literary magazines but after publication of normal journal their reputation suffered. At existing news papers of Pakistan put up their literary weekly.

Magazines e.g. humayun, nairang-i- khayal, had been very popular but they had been closed. At present fanon, naqoosh, sawara, nia dur are famous.

Religious Magazine: tarjuman ul quran, turjuman ul hadith, iblagh, al Islam etc.
Film Magazine: Shama, Musawar, Nigar, Roman, Shabab, Mumtaz are examples.
Sports Magazine: cricketer, sports times etc
Magazine For Children:

Phool, Taleem, Naunihal, bacho ka digest are examples.

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