Ini Edo 20 Years On Stage: Rare Story Of How She Was Banned From Nollywood For Dressing Indecently

Ini Edo 20 Years On Stage

Ini Edo 20 Years On Stage: Rare Story Of How She Was Banned From Nollywood For Dressing Indecently

Nollywood Actress, Ini Edo is celebrating her 20 years of action in the Nollywood industry and the Akwa-Ibom native took to social media to pen down an emotional message of her sojourn so far. (Catch Up Here)

As we celebrate this beautiful thespian, has obtained an old interview of the actress with where she recounted her journey in the industry and how far she has come now.

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See excerpts from the interview below;

KC: When did you get into acting?

INI: Two years ago

KC: Not that long then, and you have made an impact and a name for yourself within that time.

INI: If you want to do this, you have to be focused and you can sit down and watch everything grow.

KC: What was your first movie?

INI: Thick Madam

KC: What course did you study in the university?

INI: I have a diploma in Theatre Arts and I am still in the university of Calabar studying English, am currently in my 400 level. I want to improve on my English because I think I can do better and improve. Everyday I learn new things and make mistakes, but I make use of what I learn and improve on my mistakes.

KC: That’s good; at least you have some background on theatre arts.

INI: Yah I mean I love acting and showbiz in general, some people don’t do theatre arts or drama, so its either you have it in you or you don’t.

KC: Where your parents supportive of you when you wanted to get into the movie industry?

INI: Oh well, they didn’t take it kindly because it has to do with a lot of travelling and they didn’t like that too much. But they do understand where am coming from and know this is what I love, so they just have to support me in what ever it is I do.

KC: How old are you?

INI: Am not too old, just 22 years old.

KC: Not bad, so where do you hail from?

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INI: Akwa-Ibom, hope you know where that is.

KC: Yah I do, aint been there though.

When you where young, what did you hope to become in future?

INI: That was something I didn’t even think about.

KC: Ok, so if you where not into acting right now, what would you be doing?

INI: Been in the Media house, the whole show business in general. I love it

KC: I heard you where banned for six months, is that true?

INI: Yes, but that didn’t hold for the whole six months though.

KC: And apparently from what I read, you where banned because of your dressing, you where coming to locations dressed in a raunchy manner more like a prostitute. What do you have to say to that?

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INI: That is just a crazy and extreme accusation. Firstly, they didn’t know me to just judge me like that by what I am putting on, but I guess that is Nigeria for you. But seriously though, I wear what I am comfortable with, that shouldn’t really bother anyone, I mix my clothes to feel good with myself.

If they walk down the streets and see someone wearing the same clothes as me, they wouldn’t refer to the person the way they are referring to me. Its just because I am in the public eye and everyone is watching you.

But I wear what I am comfortable with, if just one person don’t like it, well too bad. I am not going to change myself for anyone; it’s all about me been happy and comfortable.

KC: Well said. If you could describe yourself, how would you say INI EDO is?

INI: Well INI EDO is a determined, nice, friendly, strong and God-Fairing person. Just been me.


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