Instead Of A Cabal, Buhari Is Remote-Controlled — Garba Shehu

garba shehu

Instead Of A Cabal, Buhari Is Remote-Controlled — Garba Shehu

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, has said that, rather than a so-called cabal controlling President Muhammadu Buhari as alleged, the Commander-in-Chief is being “remote-controlled by the 200 million-plus Nigerians whose interest is uppermost in everything he says and does.”

Suffice to say, Worldometer, an online data forum which gives live global statistics on government, population, economy, etc., states that, as of Wednesday, December 26, 2018 and based on the latest United Nations estimates, the Nigerian population is 198,213,121.

Garba, who spoke with State House correspondents on Wednesday, stated: “The PDP doesn’t have the strength and support to fight President Buhari. They don’t have the records in security, economy and the war against corruption to mount any meaningful challenge.

“They have no records of accomplishments in infrastructure. In the 16 years they held sway, they have nothing to show for the colossal oil revenues earned, including $16bn doled upfront from the Central Bank for power, without a single megawatt to show for all that money.

“That is why they are dragging the President’s wife into their politics.”

Wife of the President Aisha Buhari had, on December 4, revealed that two men in the Buhari administration had hijacked governance from the President.

Aisha, who spoke at a leadership conference tagged, ‘Project 4 + 4’ in Abuja, challenged Nigerians to fight the “two or three people who have dominated this government.”

But, President Buhari challenged all those making allegations about a cabal pulling the strings in his government to unveil the cabal and prove their allegation.

Buhari threw the challenge in a yet-to-be aired interview with the Hausa Service of the Voice of America.

In a short teaser of the interview released on social media on Monday, Buhari was asked to clear the several allegations by his wife, Aisha, and others that he has not been in control of the government.

“That’s her business,” the President retorted in the report.

He added that, “I am a true democrat by allowing everybody to have an opinion.’’

However, the Peoples Democratic Party has advised Buhari not to run away from the allegation leveled against him by his wife.


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