How To Lose 18 kilos In 1 Month: Drink This Bed Time And Watch Your Belly Fat Disappear

How To Lose 18 kilos In 1 Month

How to lose 18 kilos in 1 month with a new recipe of a delicious latte, just like many other girls, I want to stay slim, but I don’t like limiting myself. That’s why I’d like to share with you a simple recipe of a tasty and healthy beverage – green coffee latte.

Green coffee is a healthy product per se and once it helped me lose weight dramatically, but not everybody like its specific taste.

I didn’t manage to get used to it, so I started looking for ways to cook it differently. Weirdly, no one prepares such a healthy product in a way that it would be tasty, despite the fact that every good housewife keeps it in her kitchen!

Ground green coffee

To prepare one cup of the drink you need 1-2 teaspoons of ground coffee, it depends on your preferences.
Water (500 ml)

How To Lose 18 kilos In 1 Month

Boil some water in the kettle. After that let it cool down a bit to prevent boiling water from destroying healthful properties of green coffee.

Milk (200)

Take low-fat milk, or better replace cow milk with soy milk or almond milk.

Half a teaspoon of honey

Honey is way more beneficial for health than sugar, but still it is very high-calorie. Don’t put more than 1/2 of teaspoon if you don’t need excess calories.  How To Lose 18 kilos In 1 Month

Here is how the process of preparation looks like:

That’s it! A healthy and very delicious latte is ready. As you can see, it is very easy to cook it at home. I drink one cup of this drink daily not only for pleasure but also to keep fit. When a few months back I had to fight excess fat I could drink 2-3 cups a day!

So, we’ve prepared this interesting recipe for you! I hope you will like it 🙂

How To Lose 18 kilos In 1 Month

I wish you all the best, cook more tasty dishes and be healthy! For those who don’t know where to buy high-quality green coffee, I’m leaving a link below.  How To Lose 18 kilos In 1 Month

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How To Lose 18 kilos In 1 Month

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How To Lose 18 kilos In 1 Month

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