Latest On Oge Okoye – I Am Not Acting For Money

latest on oge okoye

latest on oge okoye , we bring you latest on actress Oge Okoye’s life and acting prowess as she says she’s not acting for money

Actress, Oge Okoye, who was accused of stealing canine photographs few days ago has declared she is not acting for cash but for passion.

Oge advised Punch on why she doesn’t appear in many movies, she said, “I am very precise about the kind of films I show up in.

latest on oge okoye

If it doesn’t have a top script, or if it is no longer being handled with the aid of professionals, I wouldn’t be section of it.

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I am no longer in the enterprise for money, but for the passion and love I have for the arts.
Appearing in sub-standard movies has a bad impact on one’s career as the target market would usually see you in the mild of that movie for a lengthy time.

And they wouldn’t respect you.”oge

She additionally addressed reviews that she is a snub. She said, “That is now not true.

When people don’t understand you, they would label you as being snobbish. I simply like to idea my enterprise and I don’t go to where I’m no longer invited.

latest on oge okoye

I don’t comprehend whether or not that is what is meant through being snobbish.

When it comes to making friends, I am very picky as I tend to keep my buddies very shut and I can do something for them.”

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