Picture of Psquare Private Jet, Newly Acquired As Nigerians React

picture of psquare private jet

Picture of Psquare private jet, newly acquired, but was it when they were still together as band members?? you just read and find out

Nigeria’s well-known music duo, Peter and Paul Okoye of P-Square have efficaciously received a personal jet.

According to reviews printed to Sources, the singing duo launched out various millions of bucks to choose this personal airbus from an undisclosed Arabian.

picture of psquare private jet

Peter Okoye first dropped trace of their today’s acquisition on twitter when he wrote on his reliable handle; “Jetting privately….thanks to God and the fans.

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You all made it possible. Baba God finished settle us…I no go lie.

Just covered on our list…that very list……shhhhhh.”

With landed residences in Jos, Port Harcourt and their newly built Lagos mansion well worth over N750 million, its apparent that they are the richest musicians in the country.

See exclusive photos below…lro1lro

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