Mbaka Attacks Buhari Over CAN Chairman Killing – Your Regime Will End In Shame

mbaka attacks buhari


Looking for Mbaka attacks Buhari Over CAN chairman killing by Boko haram members ? then search no more as we bring you all the latest on his recent attack and how it went down.

Ejike Mbaka, spiritual director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN) attack president Buhari for not doing enough to bring those who killed CAN chairman in Adamawa State to justice, he says despite his warning to Buhari not to contest 2019 presidential election, the retired army man went ahead to rig his way back to Aso Rock.

He said for Buhari to constantly take orders from Abba Kyari , means his government is fast heading to shameful one.” with the way they are running the affairs of the nation.

The Catholic priest said this after Buhari has failed in all ramification and should resign with effect.

Standing by his words, Mbaka asked him to step aside and let another take his place, he said Buhari does not know anything as to regards to how his government is managing the affairs of Nigerians with so many killings in the land…

resign now if you don’t want to incure God’s wrath the fiery priest insist.

Fani Kayode Ignite War Of Words With Fr. Mbaka Says – Mbaka Is An Agent Of Darkness Sent By Devil

Mbaka then accused the president of not handling the Boko haram issues at all, citing the recent killing of CAN chairman by the deadly sect.

I feel for the man’s family and wish Boko haram can be wiped out immediately. Anyone here living and doing business in Nigeria knows Buhari and his party APC have failed to protect the masses

The priest said: “In your capacity and what God has done for you as president during the period you had serious health issue, we stand by you… but look the way you are unleashing sufferings on Nigerians for no reason.. those who stood by you day and night but in prayers.

Mbaka Attacks Buhari Over CAN Chairman Killing

“If there is a place they will coat words for you, it is not at Mbaka’s altar. You can save your little integrity left there’s if there’s any and resign now.

You people will not even know how God will unleash his wrath soon.

He added; “The way your government is moving, it will end in shame”.

The priest who last predicted the downfall of Emeka Ihedioha, said he will make another prediction regarding when this evil admistration will come to an end.

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