Movie Lovers Still Accuse Mercy Aigbe Of Sleeping With Bolanle Ninalowo After She Shared Their ‘Hot R0mance’ Photos

Movie Lovers Still Accuse Mercy Aigbe

Movie lovers still accuse Mercy Aigbe of sl3eping with male colleague Bolanle Ninalowo whose marriage crashed recently because of cheating, fans believe the actors have been messing around since 2017

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has come under intense fire for engaging in a deeply romantic scene with fellow star, Bolanle Ninalowo.

Trouble started yesterday when the actress shared photos of herself on the set of Judas, a movie produced by Nkechi Blessing.

In an aggressive marketing move, the actress was seen in a very compromising position with co-actor Ninalowo.

Movie Lovers Still Accuse Mercy Aigbe

While it is understandable Mercy is an actor and would be seen in different roles and characters, she still got bashed for thinking it was necessary for her to show herself in such ‘unholy’ position with a man despite her status as a mother and wife.

Movie Lovers Still Accuse Mercy Aigbe

When her fans could no longer cope with the photo, she was forced to remove it.Movie Lovers Still Accuse Mercy Aigbe

Here is the 0ffensive photo she was asked to remove

JUDASthemovie @iamnino_b ….

A post shared by Mercilicious (@realmercyaigbe) on

See more comments from her offended fans belowMovie Lovers Still Accuse Mercy AigbeMovie Lovers Still Accuse Mercy AigbeMovie Lovers Still Accuse Mercy Aigbe

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As part of its initiative to support new companies throughout the continent, Google has announced a sizeable fund allocation of up to $350,000 for Nigerian firms. This is a significant step that demonstrates Google’s commitment to promoting innovation and growth in the African startup ecosystem. This chance demonstrates Google’s faith in Nigerian entrepreneurs’ ability to promote technology and the nation’s economy.

Funding Organization: Google
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Nigerian startups are the main winners of this financial opportunity. The initiative, however, also reaches out to startups all around Africa in recognition of the variety of talent and creativity appearing on the continent. Google wants to encourage international collaboration and knowledge sharing by including a larger audience, which will result in the development of a more integrated startup environment.

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Empowering Startups to Drive Change
Startups using artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle real-world issues are the sole focus of Google’s investment programme. In line with Google’s own developments in AI and machine learning, this strategic approach shows the company’s commitment to pushing the limits of technical innovation. The chosen firms will have the chance to use Google’s AI know-how and resources in addition to receiving financial help.                    Movie Lovers Still Accuse Mercy Aigbe

Google is setting the way for revolutionary transformation across numerous industries by investing in entrepreneurs that are using AI to address societal concerns. The potential applications of AI-driven solutions span a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, agriculture, and finance. The investment is intended to hasten the creation and application of these technologies, bringing about real advantages for both enterprises and communities.            Movie Lovers Still Accuse Mercy Aigbe

Google is aware that innovation cannot be restricted to a set period of time. As a result, depending on the type and size of each startup’s initiative, the funding period will differ. This flexibility enables businesses to concentrate on hitting milestones rather than following strict deadlines, creating an atmosphere that is favourable to real innovation and creativity. Continue reading here

Movie Lovers Still Accuse Mercy Aigbe

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