The Oguike Sisters: Chisom Nester Oguike, Chidinma Nester Oguike & Chinenye Oguike: Introducing New Nollywood Child Actresses


I haven’t watched Nollywood films for about 3 years now. That’s why I don’t know most of these new upcoming actresses. I only hear about some of them here on Nairaland.

Few weeks back, I saw this movie, “My Kids And I” featuring Bolanle Ninalowo (My 1st time of watching his movie) and these 3 child actors, Chisom Oguike, Chidinma Oguike & Chinenye Oguike. I guess they are sisters since they bear same surname.

The kids acted as American returnees with rude characters, except the youngest one.
Bolanle Ninalowo, their father had challenges in curtailing their excesses.

I noticed the kids have featured in a good number of movies.nester Copy nester1 Copy nester2 Copy nester4 Copy

They also featured in “Home Alone” which I haven’t seen.

Chidinma Oguike featured in “Home Teacher” where she was sexually abused by her home teacher.


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