My Ex Wife Assault Claim Cost Me Everything Including Properties, Kids Custody and N480M School Closure – Actor Emeka Ike Reveals

My Ex Wife Assault Claim Cost Me Everything

My Ex Wife Assault Claim Cost Me Everything, Nollywood legendary actor Emeka Ike Spill it all out in his exclusive interview with channels TV

Nollywood actor Emeka Ike, who had been offscreen for a while, revealed his story in an intimate interview on Channels Television’s “Rubbin’ Minds,” which was hosted by Hero Daniels. The actor talked about a protracted period of fighting depression, marital problems, and a career downturn within the movie industry.

My Ex Wife Assault Claim Cost Me Everything

The actor opened out about the difficult times of his divorce from Suzanne Emma, providing detailed accounts of the arduous process. In 2017, a Lagos Island Customary Court dissolved their 14-year marriage due to Emma’s accusations of persistent abuse directed at the actor.

Ike revealed that he was unable to openly answer the charges because to the subsequent online bullying and social media scrutiny, which ultimately caused him to suffer significant financial losses.

My Ex Wife Assault Claim Cost Me Everything

The actor, who was clearly impacted by the consequences, talked about the devastating effects on his life, which included the closure of St. Nicholas College, his secondary school, and a sizable investment worth more than N480 million.

Ike’s tearful story showed the cries of family members who bowed before the judge, hoping against hope that the marriage would be saved.

Emma persisted in getting a divorce despite their best efforts, leaving Ike perplexed and wondering about the psychology behind her choice. The actor also raised the possibility of an outside influence, speculating that his ex-wife may have been forced or tricked into getting a divorce by anonymous people.  My Ex Wife Assault Claim Cost Me Everything

The interview clarified the many difficulties, psychological cost, and complexities that surrounded Emeka Ike’s path during this turbulent time in his personal life.

Meanwhile, How God Removed Pastor Chris In My Life, He Was My Worst Nightmare – Pastor Anita Schafer
Formerly known as Pastor Anita Oyakhilome, the estranged wife of the founder of Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has refreshed herself with affirming words.  My Ex Wife Assault Claim Cost Me Everything

The woman of God who is also a gifted writer took to her blog to explain how she has been pulled out of mess and abuse. She also said no one has the ability to oppress, suppress or depress her.

Read the blog post below…

‘I start every month thankful and for this month of December I am eternally grateful. I am worthy of love, to give and receive. I have value and self-respect, no one has the ability to oppress, suppress or depress me.

I am enough and complete in God. My today is better than yesterday. I have come to a place of wholeness, strength and joy. God pulled me out of mess; I have a happy life free from abuse. No one can take the place of God; he is sovereign and reigns forever.

Man is mortal and his days on earth are numbered. When the end comes, it is a glorious thing to return to our maker, to dwell in His holiness and truth. The end of the year brings a rebirth of another year. The death of something can be the rebirth of another thing.

Whatever happens in your life, no matter how distressing things might seem. When darkness appears endless, watch out for that tiny spark of light, when you can muster up the courage to thank God for closed doors.  My Ex Wife Assault Claim Cost Me Everything

In the process of counting your blessings, you find joy!” News of the divorce between Pastor Chris and Anita Oyakhilome surfaced on August 29. Rev. Anita had filed a divorce suit at a UK court to end their 20-year-old marriage.

She said through her lawyers that she is done with Pastor Chris and there’s no hope of reconciliation.

My Ex Wife Assault Claim Cost Me Everything

Pastor Chris who finally spoke on the divorce suit on the evening of Sunday, September 7, during the monthly global communion service of the church, said it is not biblical to divorce, but if his wife insists on it, he could consider it as an option.

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