Tinubu Resolves Wike and Gov Fubara Rift In Military Like Tone, See List of 8 Key Agreements That Won’t Favour Rivers People

Tinubu Resolves Wike and Gov Fubara Rift

Tinubu resolves Wike and Gov Fubara Rift with eight mysterious decisions that seem to be against the people of Rivers States, these mysterious resolutions, despite their decisive action, create questions about their impact on the welfare of the region, leaving its residents fearful and apprehensive.”

Eight peaceful resolutions have been made by Chief Bola Tinubu, FCT Minister Nyesom Wike, and Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State. The president was able to get Governor Fubara’s signature, and he agreed to drop all cases brought against Wike’s camp.

Tinubu resolves Wike and Gov Fubara Rift

Tinubu also negotiated a deal between the governor and the minister to restore peace to the state.

Eight comprehensive resolutions were reached during Tinubu’s stakeholder meeting with Rivers Governor Siminalayi Fubara, his predecessor and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) minister Nyesom Wike, former governor Peter Odili, and other notable figures.

Details of the meeting were shared on social media by the office of the special adviser to the president, and the governor agreed to drop all legal actions brought against state assembly members who switched from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The resolution recognised the leadership of the state house of assembly, led by Martin Amaewhule and 27 other lawmakers who defected from the PDP to the APC and are purely Wike’s camp. On the other hand, the state house of assembly also decided to halt all impeachment proceedings initiated against Governor Fubara.

Below is the full list of the eight agreements:

Recall that on Monday, December 11, 27 legislators who supported FCT Minister Nyesom Wike switched from the PDP to the APC, a move that exacerbated the state’s crisis. Governor Fubara and Edison Ehie, the divided house chairman, filed a lawsuit against the lawmakers after Ehie declared their seats vacant.  Tinubu resolves Wike and Gov Fubara Rift

Stopping the Impeachment Process: The agreement to end the impeachment process that the faction led by Amaewhule began against Governor Fubara in late October was another crucial resolution. The house had served the governor with an impeachment notice in October, which had thrust the silent conflict between Fubara and Wike into the public eye.

Acknowledgment of the Martin Amaewhule-led faction in the Rivers State House of Assembly The peace agreement mediated by chief Tinubu also acknowledged the 27 members of the assembly’s leadership as the legitimate legislative body in the state. The house divided into factions after the Amaewhule-led leadership sent the governor a notice of impeachment.

Assembly compensation and perks: The peace agreement also stipulated that the governor Fubara-led administration would no longer meddle with the assembly’s funding and that the compensation and benefits of assembly staff and members would be promptly restored.

Tinubu resolves Wike and Gov Fubara Rift

The legislature’s independence effectively restored the structure Wike had fought for. Lawmakers will now select locations for their meetings free from executive intervention. Governor Fubara also consented to re-present the nearly N80 billion 2024 budget to the state assembly with the defecting members present. The previous day, he had shown the budget to four lawmakers who were devoted to him at the state house and signed it.

Reappointing resigned commissioners:

The governor will also reassign the names of the resigned commissioners to the state house of assembly for re-appointment. Local government administration return: Nine out of the eighteen commissioners resigned, citing personal reasons, after the governor signed the appropriation bill 24 hours after it was presented to four lawmakers who supported him. Wike, Fubara, and Tinubu declared the peace accord null and void, dissolving the local government administration.  Tinubu resolves Wike and Gov Fubara Rift

Tinubu resolves Wike and Gov Fubara Rift

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Tinubu resolves Wike and Gov Fubara Rift

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