Nigerian Lady Cries Out – I’m Tired Of These Church Brothers, See Why


A Nigerian lady has said she is tired of church brother, after one of them complained about her “ erotic whatsapp profile photo .”

The lady who goes by the name @Tuminke on Twitter, went on her page to complain about the behavior of some church brothers after one of them referred her Whatsapp profile photo as Erotic.

She shared a screenshot from her conversation with the brother. See below;

See the profile picture below;

See some reactions below;

@aproko_doctor – I’m here wondering why the convo started with “I’m fine too”

‏@iamvictorye – I laughed so hard, because I recently had the same experience with my “uncle”

@ovisky – How do u both know each other

@Emeneks – Don’t mind the Him… He would have simply removed his eyes from the..

@woman__being – Shocked to the bones 😂😂.
Brother’s body is doing ghishghish

@WarepamorSammy – Only this one e say na erotic,i wonder what he will say if he sees your pictures

@rockefella12 – I mistakenly read “erection” there 😁😁

@maduawahamilton – I can tell you he is speaking for himself and not the general public

@Dipo_adebowale – Please that’s not a Church brother 😒 we don’t use words like erotic and shocked to my bones..

What happened to Apple of God’s eyes?!

@iamTROL – He only wronged at “Every man”. But we don’t do well with truths these days, do we?

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