See How I Revenged On A Woman Who Stole My Husband – Woman Reveals (Photos)

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I am not quick to take action, in most cases I consult God before I do anything. But this thing that happened hurt my heart. It brought tears to my eyes an agony and misery into my life. That is, until I decided to take action.

My husband of 15 years almost divorced me for a woman who lives in Mlolongo. It started when the woman relocated into the area, in an estate where my husband works as a care taker. At first I didn’t suspect anything since my spouse pretended to be a committed Christian.

We lived happily until he started losing interest in me. He would come home late at night and go straight to bed without asking for food. He would sleep as if he was not next to me. Completely forgetting about me.

Tasha found out her husband was sleeping with another woman behind her back – She asked her brother to start dating her hubby’s mistress – Tasha and her sibling then stole from the philandering man leaving him heartbroken and penniless

A Nairobi woman has opened up about how she punished her cheating husband leaving him poor and dejected. Tasha Lyn found out her husband was dishing out most of his salary to a slay queen who was also warming his bed.

In a Facebook post on Monday, June 25, Lyn explained how her husband would often meet up with his side chick to sweat it out then return home at odd hours of the night.

The Nairobi woman, completely frustrated, decided to concoct a fool-proof plan which would drive her philandering hubby to poverty and give him a taste of his own medicine.

“I knew this woman used to ask my husband for money. She did not even love him, she just wanted his cash,” she wrote.

The scorned woman asked her brother to befriend her partner’s mpango wa kando and strike a relationship with her. “My brother was angry but he agreed to go ahead with my plan,” Lyn wrote.

The bitter housewife further asked the bother to keep asking the lovestruck lady for money which she willingly dished out.

According to the Facebook post, the lady’s brother lied to his new girlfriend he wanted to open up a business. “The silly side chick asked my husband for the money and gave it to my brother.

She kept borrowing my hubby’s money to a point he was financially unstable,” the netizen penned. At the same time, Lyn also kept asking for money then one day she decided to pack up and leave the marriage. As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold.

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