Nonso Diobi’s Biography, His Wife, Kids, Networth and His Affairs with Strange Woman That Landed Him into Trouble

nonso diobi

Nonso Diobi is a Nigerian actor and film director. He made his acting debut in 2001 in a film titled Border Line while still a Theatre Arts student at the University of Nigeria. He has starred in over 150 films.

He began his own mini-business at a tender age, selling clothes to his mates in high school. He was encouraged by his family to begin acting in his church at the age of 15, and that is how he started his acting.

Nonso Diobi Age

Diobi was born on June 17, 1976 in Enugu State, Nigeria. He is 42 years old as of 2018. He is a native of Nawfia, a town in Njikoka, Enugu State.

The talented actor grew up in Anambra State in a family of five, two ladies and three guys. He is the last born to Mr Diobi’s family.

Nonso Diobi Wife | Nonso Diobi Wedding | Nonso Diobi Married

Diobi is not married neither is he in any relationship. He however has the vision to marry some day as can be understood from a post on his Instagram account back in 2016.

It read,

“Dear unknown future wife…

Im here again,remember that we wont hv more dan 3 kids…2 girls and 1 boy,i had always wanted my 1st daughter’s name to be ADAOBI but i v changed my mind cs i dnt like d name again,now she l bear MUNACHI while my 2nd daughter wld bear CHIDERA and my son bears CHINONSO RUSSELL DIOBI just like his father…my daughters must b as pretty as d mum and my son as cute as the father even cutter sef….

If u r on Instagram unknowingly,ur username must nt start with “pweedy””pweety” or “pretty” bcos only ugly girls use dat.

My favorite soup is Ofe nsala or egusi soup,u must no how to prepare dat before we meet cos if u waiting for me to teach u na lie o cos i dnt no how to cook anything kuld soup…

Dont play hard to get wt me bt u can do small shakara or else u l jst lose me ur future husband…Just be yourself and dont fake yourself,body,hair,eyes etc.

like most girls here do even if u hv a bf now hope u no u not gonna stay long with him so collect enough money from him as u like, as for me im doing great here being alone and just waiting for you to show up already…..

I no u gonna take me for WHO i am and not for WHAT i am dats y i v been single, pls hurry up and come.

And please don’t be the proud and stubborn type dat always wants to win every argument in her relationship like its a law court


Nonso Diobi Dead | Nonso Diobi Death

He was shot in an movie not in real life. He is alive and fit to do his work with his latest movie, “The Illiterate Lawyer”.

Nonso Diobi Movies

The Last 3 Digits
Makers of Justice
Palace Slave
Too Much
Beyond Desire
My Last Ambition
Sexy Girls
Chasing the Dream
Last True Sacrifice
Life Incidence
Naked Wrestler
Offensive Relationship
Temple of Justice
The Gods are Wise
The Lethal Woman
Tiger King
Tomorrow Must Wait
True Sacrifice
Bafana Bafana
Desperate Ladies
Double Game
Emotional Risk
End of Evil Doers
Final Hour
Final Risk
House of Doom
Love and Likeness
My Beloved Son
Naked Kingdom
Next Door Neighbour
Power of Justice
Rush Hour
Sunny My Son
The Cadet
Unhappy Moment
Wealth Aside
Will of God
World of Commotion
Ass on Fire
Before Ordination
Be My Val
Clash of Interest
Divided Secret
Holy Cross
In The Closet
Last Dance
My Girlfriend
On My Wedding Day
Pastor’s Blood
Pay Day
Peace Talk
Royal Insult
The Lost Son
The Wolves
Under Control
War Game
The Prince & the Princess
Across The Bridge
Back Drop
Black Bra
Blood Battle
Celebration of Death
Desperate Love
Diamond Forever
Good News
Marry Me
Ola… the Morning Sun
Suicide Lovers
Tears for Nancy
World of a Prince
Police Woman
The Richest Man
Love Boat
Never Comeback
Border Line

Nonso Diobi Net Worth

His net worth as of 2015 was $1 million

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