Shocking! You Won’t Believe What Is Happening In Imo Community Hours After One Family Exhume 2 Buried Corpses Over Land Dispute


Shocking, You won’t believe what is happening in imo community after one family exhume 2 buried corpses Over land dispute

A land dispute between two households led to two corpses being exhumed three weeks after they had been buried.

The corpses exhumed in Isiozi Umuaka, Imo state, are these of a mom and her daughter-in-law who died 6 and 4 years in the past respectively.

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The dead could not be laid to relaxation after their demise as there used to be no place to bury them due to the lingering land dispute.

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They have been finally buried on the land under dispute three weeks in the past however this brought on displeasure to the other household as the case is nevertheless in court.

The dispute took a turn for the worse on Tuesday, September 24 when both corpses had been dug out from the land through the other household and deposited at Nwankwoikpa market square in Imo state.

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