P-Square: Peter Okoye Reacts As Nigerians Praises Him For Fighting For His Wife Like Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

P-Square: Peter Okoye Reacts As Nigerians Praises Him For Fighting For His Wife Like Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Correctng reported that Peter Okoye, popularly known as Mr P has been trending on Nigerian social media space as men praise him for fighting for his wife, Lola Omotayo.

It all started when excerpts of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey surfaced on the net and he was commended for standing by his wife despite the British Royal family’s disapproval.

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Amid the circulation of the ‘royal interview,’ Nigerian women took to Twitter to berate Nigerian men and laud Harry for his actions.

A lady identified as Chinny B stirred the debate that made Peter a trending topic when she said;

”I just love the way Harry is standing firmly by Meghan.

Can never be an Igbo man”

This however, did not sit well with men and some women who quickly mentioned that Peter Okoye had done something similar but he was lambasted and underappreciated for it..

One user, @obeyamark wrote; ”Peter Okoye is Igbo. He left even his own twin brother.

Rochas is Igbo. He even got arrested while fighting to reclaim his wife’s property.

These are even popular and recent examples.

Just say “can never be my father/brothers/uncles…” next time.”

@Letter_to_Jack; ”Peter Okoye was not celebrated this way for standing with his wife against his family. Why??

I mean the story kinda looks similar in a way.”

@JoshOfAllJoshss; ”Peter Okoye did not fight his twin and his entire family for his wife and scatter the biggest money making duo music group in Africa preferring to returning to becoming an upcoming artist for you to be tweeting this type of careless yarns.”

@JoeyAkan; ”Peter Okoye (Mr P) did more than Harry to protect his wife.

Fought his family and left them. Quarrelled with his twin. Scattered Psquare, a legacy world-beating successful music group for his wife.

But he was still villainized here by men and women. Is he not a Nigerian man?”

@wealthy_yute; ”When Peter Okoye chose his wife over his family, many of you said the wife was a home wrecker

But now that its Prince Harry choosing his wife over his royal family, you people are calling him a king

It is well”

With his name maintaining a spot on Twitter trends for hours, Peter took to Twitter to acknowledge the commendation over his decision to fight for what is right.

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”So, I see my self trending for Standing Up for what is right! This life eh!…. your own na your own! Protect yours! #MyFamilyFirst #IKnowLikeTrouble”

See his post below:


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