Regina Daniels And Husband Ned Nwoko Fight Dirty Publicly

Regina Daniels And Husband Ned Nwoko engage in tough Fight Publicly this beautiful 2019, here’s Why Regina Daniels husband fight dirty publicly

June 2019 witness a huge tension in Nwoko’s family as Regina Daniels was reportedly in pubic fight with her step son on Instgram

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One of Ned Nwoko’s son recognized as Emzy has published a chat between him and Ned’s sixth spouse Regina, where she messaged him regarding a post.

Regina Daniels And Husband Ned

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The younger actress finds the stated post offensive and also believe he was referring to her. She took to her DM to converse with Emzy but didn’t get what she bargained for.

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regina daniels husband fight dirty publicly

Read their chat below;Regina Daniels And Husband Ned

After their heated argument Regina step son seems to understand exactly what the actress used to charm his father,

Read his statement below…

Regina Daniels Husband Fight Dirty Publicly

Actress Regina Daniels’ step son seems to recognize what every body else know nothing about and has launched an offensive on her Online.

Regina Daniels is now not the first younger lady to marry a billionaire husband in Nigeria, however, she might simply be the flashiest of them all!

Regina Daniels And Husband Ned

Which is why her relationship with billionaire politician, Ned Nwoko has been beneath heavy scrutiny, which include guidelines that she might have had him beneath a spell via some diabolical potential or voodoo.

I do no longer agree with Voodoo works, it solely exists in black people’s imagination due to the fact if it works, that capability it solely works on human beings who are looking for excuses to do silly stuffs.

The accusation came at the back of Regina customizing her new black GLC Mercedes with her plate quantity “4 Eva 16″.

Having said all that; let us take a look at how marriage to billionaire, Ned Nwoko has made Regina Daniels lose lots of weight

Billionaire’s Wife, regina daniels regina daniels husband fight dirty publicly after which she is looking visibly slimmer in her recent public appearances as it appears the pressures of being a billionaire’s spouse is regularly getting to her, or maybe she is simply into a new movements to get a slimmer body.    Regina Daniels And Husband Ned

She now appears like a sixteen years historical with her new weight loss.

we have some new snap shots of the actress, Regina Daniels below:Regina Daniels And Husband Ned


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Regina Daniels And Husband Ned

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Regina Daniels And Husband Ned

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