Shocker! Few Years After His Painful Death, Actress Biola Ige Speaks On When She Was Caught Having S3x With Muna Obiekwe

biola ige

Nollywood actress, Biola Ige, and Enugu-based actor, Muna Obiekewe, have not been resting easy since a picture, portraying the two Thespians allegedly smooching, with Muna sucking Biola’s b00bs went viral online.

Biola talked to me last week to explain her position , claiming that, what appeared in the picture must have been a trick of photoshop because, according to her, the scene never took place, during, before or after shooting of the film ‘Preg;nant Hawkers’.

Now, Muna , based in Enugu, has opened up on the matter. It was quite hard, getting the fair-skinned actor to talk as he brusquely told me he doesn’t grant interviews, challenging me to bring any interview he has granted before.

I told him there is always a first time and the line went dead only for him to call back the next day to say, indeed, there is always a first time to everything in life.

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