Sometimes I Wonder Why A Small Boy Am Richer Than Is Always Too Proud Of Himself – Fela Kuti’s Daughter, Motunrayo Blasts Davido

sometimes i wonder why

sometimes i wonder why

Fela Kuti is one of the very few musicians whose offspring is walking on the same path that he walked.

For this reason, almost all family members of the late legend are regarded as authorities in the music industry.

One of Kuti’s daughters have taken to expressing her disapproval of popular singer Davido due to one main reason.

The lady named Motunrayo did not hide her disapproval of the singer neither did she spare any words in talking about her not so great feelings about him.

Although she maintained that she did not hate him, she still expressed a strong dislike for him. Her disapproval of the popular singer was made clear during an interview with Vanguard.

Her conversation with the media house was a follow up of a discussion she had earlier had with them. In her previous interview, Motunrayo had blatantly said that she did not like the singer without giving a cogent reason for this.

However, in this interview, the beautiful lady decided to set the records straight and lay out why she is not a fan of Davido.

According to Motunrayo, she disapproves of the singer because she thinks he is too proud. For her, Davido is very arrogant and there was something about his music that did not sound right to her.

sometimes i wonder why

Furthermore, the daughter of Fela Kuti talked about her encounter with Davido at the recently held Felabration event.

According to her, she had stayed and watched the Fia Fia crooner perform because, unlike other haters, she would not look the other way when he is performing.

Besides, Motunrayo revealed that her fiance liked Davido’s music and would have loved her to stay with him while the singer was performing.

Hence, she had participated fully during Davido’s session not because of art’s sake but because of love’s sake.

Read her full words below: “I don’t hate Davido at all; it’s just something about his music. And then, he is too proud. I have no personal issues with his DMW gang too.

I watched Davido’s performance at Felabration because I’m not a hater like some people, and yes, he saw me.

Although we had eye contact but he didn’t talk to be because he was performing and I didn’t intend to familiarize with him or any of his crew members.

I was with my man and in one place. I don’t care if he doesn’t know me, I don’t know him either. I was only at that show because of my man. He likes David’s music; he is even the one that makes me listen to his music.

With how hectic that place was, I would have gone home since 2 a.m, but I respected my husband to-be.”

sometimes i wonder why

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