Ungrateful Buhari Dumps Aisha | Set To Marry Minister For Humanitarian Affairs

ungrateful buhari dumps aisha


This is how ungrateful Buhari dumps Aisha after some years of been together, keep reading for details.

News has it that President Muhamadu Buhari has moved on from Aisha and is getting married to a second wife and the wedding is set to hold on Friday, 11th of October.

The Presidency is yet to react to this news.

However, sources in Aso Rock reveal that President Buhari is getting married in a very quiet ceremony to Sadia Umar Farouq, the current Minister for Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management on Friday.

This might just have confirmed the speculations, especially after concerns were raised by Nigerians over the continued absence of First Lady Aisha Buhari who has gone totally incommunicado since her trip to the UK.

According to a source, who on the condition of anonymity can not be revealed, Ms. Farouk is a very close friend of Buhari and the Cabals love her

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She has been the mastermind behind all the delicious meals Buhari and the Cabal members have been eating especially during political gatherings such as rallies and campaigns.

source also revealed how Buhari enjoys getting massages from Sadia who is known to be skilled in the art of massage, stating this as the reason Aisha Buhari who runs a Cosmetic business, was forced to include massage services recently to regain the heart of her husband.

Ungrateful Buhari Dumps Aisha

Aisha Buhari was said to have discovered President Buhari’s relationship with Sadia Farouq and kicked heavily against it.

She allegedly made confrontations with her husband and pleaded with him to stop but it has fallen on deaf ears. Even his uncle, Mamma Daura has allegedly told her to accept her faith.

This led to another confrontation with President Buhari during the Hajj in Mecca. But her confrontation was in vain as President Buhari’s mind was already made up to marry a second wife.

According to the source, the Cabals felt Aisha Buhari could not be trusted, being a native of Adamawa which is not a core Muslim state.

Sadia, on the other hand, is from Zamfara State.

When Buhari won the Presidential Election in 2015, he nominated Sadia for her first Ministerial role but she was not considered because of her lack of relevant experience. Instead, she was given an appointment as Head of the Refugee Commission.

After his victory in 2019, he also nominated Sadia again, she is now the current Minister for Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management.

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