15 Top UK Universities Offers Admission | With The Highest Acceptance Rate

15 top uk universities offers admission


Are you looking for best 15 top UK universities offers admission to international students with the highest acceptance rate? Then look no further as we have great news for you on this issue.

1. Durham University

Acceptance Rate – 41%

Durham University is the third-most seasoned college in England, having been set up in 1832, soon after Oxford and Cambridge.

Found in the memorable city of Durham, the college invests wholeheartedly in its well deserved differentiation.

Durham University has demonstrated its reality greatness in instruction and research a seemingly endless amount of time after year.

It positions as one of the best 100 colleges on the planet and reliably makes it into the UK’s best 10.

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There are more than 18,700 understudies at Durham and in excess of 330 student and postgrad courses.

Since Durham graduated class are in high worldwide interest, getting occupations after graduation is a breeze for them.

2. University of Edinburgh

Acceptance Rate – 42%

Set in a city that’s rich in culture and history is the University of Edinburgh. Interestingly, it’s titled as an ‘ancient university’ in Scotland because it was founded way back in the 16th century.
The university has drawn in over 43,000 of the best and brightest students worldwide with its stellar academic and research reputation.15 top uk universities offers admission

The school has also birthed many iconic figures. Not only has it produced Nobel laureates, Olympic medalists, and prime ministers, but it is also home to Dolly the sheep (the first animal clone).

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also found his inspiration to craft up one of the most (in)famous characters in history, the great Sherlock Holmes, here at the University of Edinburgh.

Also, one of the great news is that the University of Edinburgh is on our list of universities in the UK with the highest acceptance rates!

3. The University of Dundee

Acceptance Rate – 46%

The University of Dundee was originally a constituent college of St. Andrews. It eventually achieved its independent university status in 1967 through a royal charter.

15 Top UK Universities Offers Admission

The University of Dundee (or Dund as it’s fondly called) is the premier choice of over 17,000 students.

The international students who have converged at Dund are attracted by the the multi-cultural campus that’s accessible to the city center while still set in the fantastic backdrop of the Scottish countryside.

As one of its first professors said: “Think global, act local.” If your mission is to transform lives, locally and globally, then University of Dundee would be a perfect fit.

4. Hult International Business School London

Acceptance Rate – 47%

Next for the universities in the UK with the highest acceptance rates is the Hult International Business School London.

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It belongs to a network of top-accredited business schools with its fellow campuses found in key influential markets around the world, including Shanghai and major American cities.

At Hult London, connections to the business sector are easily gained through classes, school clubs, or through one’s own initiative.

The city’s is packed with the headquarters of many international companies and is Europe’s biggest arena for start-ups.

Truly, London and Hult International Business School serve as ideal training grounds for the world’s future business leaders.

5. The University of Bradford

Acceptance Rate – 52%

The University of Bradford is the 40th university that was created in Britain. Found in West Yorkshire and officially named the University of Bradford in 1966, it joins the UK’s “plate glass universities”, or those institutions that have gained university status in the sixties.

At present, it houses the largest university center in the world that’s dedicated to the study of peace and conflict.

Primarily a technology university, Bradford’s most recognized programs are in Forensic Science and Chemical Engineering, which are ranked 3rd and 4th in the country, respectively.

6. King’s College London

Acceptance Rate – 58%

King’s College London, founded in 1892, has been a center of rich history and prestige in the atrium of Europe’s most cosmopolitan city.

It was founded in 1892 and in terms of University-level institutions in England, it’s the fourth oldest, following Oxford, Cambridge.

It’s one of UK’s top ten universities and is geared towards global impact. Also, King’s College London has a high acceptance rate for a university in Uk.

Products of King’s include Florence Nightingale, renowned Romantic poet John Keats, the physicist James Clerk Maxwell, the pioneers of DNA studies Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin, the Most Reverend Desmond Tutu, and 12 Nobel laureates.

7. Heriot-Watt University

Acceptance Rate – 60%

Heriot-Watt University dates back to 1821 when it was first set up in Edinburgh, Scotland as the first mechanics’ institute in the world.

The university spans across five campuses with additional sites in Dubai and Malaysia that cater to 4,000 and 1,200 students respectively.

Globally recognized, The Times and Sunday Times named it ‘International University of the Year’ in 2018.

The school specializes in business, the sciences, engineering, and design, all offered in a warm, international community.

8. University College London

Acceptance Rate – 63%

England’s third oldest university, found at the very heart of the capital city, is the Bloomsbury area’s University College London.

This university in the UK with high acceptance rates is also the first university to take the brave step of admitting students regardless of their religion, and claims to be the first to admit women too.

UCL is currently the UK’s top university in research and ranks 8th in the 2020 QS World University Rankings.

Among the many accomplished alumni of University College London, 29 have excelled to become Nobel Prize laureates.

9. University of Surrey

Acceptance Rate – 70%

Established by royal charter in 1966 and located in Guildford, England is the University of Surrey. It has over 16,000 students attending its beautifully lush, and idyllic campus.

University of Surrey offers an exceptional faculty pool and a curriculum that encourages practical learning.

If you’re looking towards a career in sustainable energy, space research, or disease control, University of Surrey would be an excellent choice.

Though London is easily accessible, just ten minutes away from the university is Guilford proper, where there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars to keep things lively.

10. University of Leicester

Acceptance Rate – 71%

The University of Leicester, a UK university with high acceptance rates, is a symbol of academic excellence in the UK.

Gaining university status in 1957, this institution is dedicated to top-notch teaching and globally relevant research, all for the benefit of its students and the community.

15 top uk universities offers admission

The buildings at the university are a mix of over a hundred years of architectural styles, the most known of which is the spectacular Engineering Building, designed in 1963 by the architect duo of Gowan and Stirling.

Leicester also houses the largest academic Space Research Centre in the continent, as well as one of the biggest schools of historical studies.

11. Cardiff University

Acceptance Rate – 75%

Cardiff University in Wales can trace its beginnings back to 1883.

The school, situated in the beautiful capital of Wales, is a reputed institution, currently holding the 24th spot among UK universities.

Its research outputs are ranked 5th among universities in the United Kingdom. It also has one of the largest university populations in the UK, reaching over 31,500 students.

Top-ranked courses in this Welsh university include Architecture, Psychology, and Communication and Media Studies.

12. University of Bath

Acceptance Rate – 79%

Found in the historic county of Somerset, is the University of Bath.

At present, it occupies the 6th rank among UK’s universities. Teaching excellence and superb research activities are guaranteed at the University of Bath.

Despite being located in the World Heritage City of Bath, with its Gregorian styled-architecture, the university campus stands out with its concrete-heavy modernist style, characteristic of UK’s plate glass universities.

It also has an outstanding Sports Science program, considered the best in the UK by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide.

13. Royal Holloway, University of London

Acceptance Rate – 87%

15 top UK universities offers admission, The community at Royal Holloway is truly inspiring and one-of-a-kind. It is also one of the universities with the highest acceptance rates in the United Kingdom.

Queen Victoria officially opened Royal Holloway in 1886 as a college exclusive for women. In the same year, she unveiled the spectacular Founder’s Building.

15 top uk universities offers admission

The Victorian pièce de résistance is one of the most magnificent in the world. Now, it’s a top 25 UK university and home to around 9,000 students in its Egham campus.

Theirs is the privilege to be mentored by internationally recognized authorities in the arts, sciences, law, management, and economics.

14. University of Exeter

Acceptance Rate – 88%

The University of Exeter is part of the Russell Group, an association composed of 24 of UK’s public research universities.

This is an indication of the excellent quality of education and research they have at the university.
Being a member of the Russel Group means that the University of Exeter has access to unparalleled connections to the public and business sector.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you might be delighted to find out that J.K. Rowling studied French (along with Greek and German) at Exeter. She even racked up a £50 overdue fine at Exeter’s very own library.

15. Aberystwyth University

Acceptance Rate – 88%

We end our list of universities in the UK with the highest acceptance rates with the Aberystwyth University, or “Aber” for short.

This university can be found in the seaside town of Aberystwyth, which is famous for being Wales’s historic cultural capital.

15 top uk universities offers admission

The university has been around for almost 150 years, having been established in 1872. At Aber, not only are you in store for an excellent education, you also get to enjoy a high quality of life.

There’s just so much to see and do at Aberystwyth’s Penglais campus, like checking out the boutique cinema or the cafes and bars at Wales’s largest Arts Centre.

15 top uk universities offers admission

Fun fact: Charles, Prince of Wales, spent a whole term at Aberystwyth in 1969 so that he could be more in touch with his people prior to his investiture.

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