big brother nigeria

big brother nigeria

What is the meaning of BBN? To me is a shameless and immoral program as one Nigerian Observe earlier today.

Before you know it you will be hearing so so person r@pe them so so year.

Are these the women who seek respect in the society?

Who pretend to cry that their kind r@ped them? Who demand equality with the same men who make them object of pleasure, pay them to degrade womanhood and to destroy their worth?

Are we to respect or revile creatures like this that have no respect for the dignity of human person?

Don’t tell me that I am generalizing because the comments of women who support BBN and defend this post show that 98% of women will do this if given the opportunity.

The truth is men enjoy feasting on the nvdity of women. The hardest truth is that it reduces if not kill regards and respect for women.

big brother nigeria

I mean how can this program and the idiotic exposure not arouse aversion, outrage, anger and condemnation of women nationwide? Why would any woman not fit for psychiatric admission openly defend, justify or excuse this?

Come to think of it in a larger perspective, are these not in the class of the secretaries who go to work in a man’s office half n@ked, encourage and indulge in s3x marathon only to turn out to scream r@pe years after the man stopped paying royalties?

How can we defend innocence in such a moral decadent gender?

I know you would say how about men.

Yes men who pay you to do this, encourage you and support you to do this, men who defend you for doing this are the greatest fans of your folly and the executors of your oppression in society when you are no more pleasurable or attractive.

They are the same that will never marry you, will never keep you if they marry you and will do everything to ensure you never have custody of any kids you have with them because they will never trust your moral judgement.

big brother nigeria

Lack of respect for the dignity of womanhood is one of the greatest causes of domestic violence against women.

And this is the root cause of such disrespect.

“I paid your bride price”. “I own you”. “I bought you”. Are all indicators that you are nothing but object of pleasure which can be treated anyhow and such opinions are formed from the lives of women like this.

Shame on feminists that see this and look the other way.

Shame to the bre@st that gave these moral monsters suckle.

Perhaps you read through this and still can’t see anything wrong with it.

Let me tell you. Your kids learn faster from what they watch on television. Your house helps practice with your kids the lewd dances they watch on TV.

The moral character of your children is influenced by the programs they watch on TV. So if the adu.lt program doesn’t matter to you, you will learn when your children begin to act it out to your shame.

Big brother naija should be classified.

If it could not be banned, it should be put or restricted to pay-per-view channel.

That way children will not have access to it and parents will know when any member of the family has subscribed to it. This is how it is done in the US and other developed countries.

Morality is not a private affair.


big brother nigeria


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