Nigerian Cross Dresser Bobrisky Dies In Fatal Accident (See Graphic Photos)

nigerian cross dresser bobrisky dies



Looking for Nigerian Cross dresser bobrisky dies? Then search no more as we bring you all the latest news concerning his rumored death today.

It was a shocking morning when Nigerian TV Gaint, AIT made news about “Bobrisky Death In An Auto crash”

The whole Twitter and social media space were upside down after the news broke out about Bobrisky death.

See the publication below:-

nigerian cross dresser bobrisky dies

Without wasting so much time, the Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky reacted his death rumour by AIT.

He/she cleared the air about his death after he laid a “back-to-sender” curse on AIT for sharing the fake news about him.

Seen what he posted below:- nigerian cross dresser bobrisky dies

Meanwhile; What is the meaning of BBN? To me is a shameless and immoral program as one Nigerian Observe earlier today.

Before you know it you will be hearing so so person r@pe them so so year.

Are these the women who seek respect in the society?

Who pretend to cry that their kind r@ped them? Who demand equality with the same men who make them object of pleasure, pay them to degrade womanhood and to destroy their worth?

Are we to respect or revile creatures like this that have no respect for the dignity of human person?

Don’t tell me that I am generalizing because the comments of women who support BBN and defend this post show that 98% of women will do this if given the opportunity.

The truth is men enjoy feasting on the nvdity of women. The hardest truth is that it reduces if not kill regards and respect for women.

I mean how can this program and the idiotic exposure not arouse aversion, outrage, anger and condemnation of women nationwide? Why would any woman not fit for psychiatric admission openly defend, justify or excuse this?

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