Bobrisky Blasts Cardi B, Reveals Why She Should Forgive Offset – You Were Once A Stripper


Bobrisky has revealed why Cardi B should forgive Offset, and according to him she should because she was once a stripper.

Bobrisky who stated that men cheat, added that he has been dating a married man for three years and can’t leave him if he cheats on him.

The Nigerian cross dresser who further disclosed that most of the men who visit strip clubs are married and she too must have had affairs with married men in the past, maintained that Cardi B’s past as a stripper doesn’t make her a saint either.

Read Bobrisky’s post via Snapchat on why Cardi B should forgive Offset below;cardi1 cardi2 cardi3 cardi4 cardi5 cardi6 cardi7 cardi8

This is coming after we reported that Cardi B asked her fans to stop hating on Offset, after he came on stage while she performed at the Rolling Loud festival to beg her for forgiveness.


Following Offset’s apology, social media users called him out for being so insensitive and disrupting her performance. Others insulted him for not showing remorse all the while he was cheating, only to turn around and start begging for apology now that it’s too late.

The social media criticisms directed at Offset was so much that Cardi B stepped in and asked her fans to respect him because he’s still the father of her child. She pointed out that the last thing she wants is for her baby daddy to become suicidal.


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