Why I Divorced Pastor Chris Oyakhilome And Refuse To Attend My Daughter’s Wedding – Anita Ebhodaghe

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Pastor Chris divorce shocked his church when he made a controversial decision. Nobody could believe that a man of God could do such a thing.

But clearly, nobody is perfect and marital troubles can arise in religious homes.

What is the story behind Pastor Chris Oyakhilome divorce? Continue reading to find out!

Pastor Chris and Wife Divorce story Reports about a possible divorce between the two famous pastors began coming out on the 28th of May 2014.

At the time, members of the Christ Embassy Church started to worry when the famous couple stopped to attending events together.

Some members of the church even tried to ask Chris about what happened to the couple. They tried to contact him via Facebook but got no response.

The administrators and members of the church expressed their worry about the absence of Anita Oyakhilome.

At hat time, Anita had not been seen in the presence of the pastor for almost one year. The members of the Church started wondering if their senior pastor got a divorce without announcing it. Pastor Chris finally gave a response to his followers on 16/05/2014.

In his speech to his followers, he clearly expressed his disapproval of his wife actions. He believed that her friends caused her to see him in a bad light. According to him, Anita clearly did not have his vision of the Church.

He did not like that she kept communicating with friends who encouraged her to see the worst in him and his Church. He also added that he did not need to be around people who did not believe in him and his church.

Anita Oyakhilome filed the divorce in 2014. And the marriage was dissolved in February 2016. Shortly after the news of the separation, Anita pictures disappeared from the Church’s website.

Her name and any information concerning her activity in the Church were also eliminated. There were a lot of rumors about why this famous couple got divorced.

There were even suggestions of adultery on both sides. But the couple denied these claims. They were unhappy that the media continued to publish “these stupid things.” Why did Pastor Chris Wife Divorce him?

What was the main Pastor Chris Divorce?

According to Pastor Anita, she couldn’t live with the Pastor anymore because he was abusive.

In her blog, she wrote that she only tried to inspire people to be better. And no matter the circumstances, she wished her husband well.

In her message, she also wrote that life will always bring a lot of challenges, like a broken relationship, problematic marriage, loss of a job and so on. But only strong people can turn these challenges into opportunities to start something new.

She wrote that life is a gift from God. Regardless of a person’s age, gender, social background and so on, a strong person must always follow his/her dream. She believes that people should appreciate life and that nothing is permanent.

To conclude her message, she wrote that her mission is to inspire people. She is determined to ho on regardless of what life brings her way and she appreciates the support she has received. She never really delved deep into her main problem with Pastor Chris.

She only shared positive message and belief that life must go on.

Pastor Chris response to divorce

“Pastor Chris divorced his wife” was one of the main topics in Nigeria for the last few years. There were many rumors about the reasons for this divorce.

However, Pastor Chris was silent for quite a long time and did not wish to express his opinion to the media. After being hounded for so long, Pastor Chris said the press just did not understand the “man of God.”

He did not give any information about the reasons for his divorce, but it was clear that he was disappointed in Anita and her actions. Pastor Chris said that he did not want to force anybody to stay with him.

Therefore, this divorce was just another of life’s problems. It inspires him to stay true to his path. He continues building on his goal to help more people and build his church.

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