The Sparks As Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Meet His Estranged Wife Anita Ebhodhage For Daughter’s Engagement

pastor chris

Carissa Sharon, the beautiful daughter of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Christ Embassy Church, and his estranged wife, Pastor Anita, recently got engaged to her beau, Phillip.

Pastor Anita broke the news on her verified Facebook page; Congratulations to my daughter and son-in-law to be.

What makes marriage beautiful is when two become one flesh, inseparable and always enjoying the pleasure of each other company. No such news was posted on the Christ Embassy Church or Pastor Chris myriad social media platforms.

A UK-based gospel singer, Carissa is the first of two daughters of the couple who got married in 1991.

They were the ideal couple who could do no wrong in the eyes of adherents of their Believers Love World Inc. as the church is also known. But as the ministry and the founding pastors profile and prestige grew, the marriage began experiencing turbulence bordering on allegations of abuse and adultery.

At a time it had become public fodder, members of the church turned a deaf ear to the salacious news emanating from their dear Daddy inner sanctum. They were too good, too pious to be cheating on each other, the adherents reckoned.

Eventually, Pastor Chris and Anita separated in 2014 and their divorce was finalised in 2016. Anita sparked rumours of remarriage a few months after the divorce with the introduction of Schafer to her name. But mum has been the word on this.

One of Nigeria’s richest pastors with a portfolio of thriving businesses and lucrative properties across the world, the 56-year-old televangelist has yet to remarry though.

Now that their 24-year-old daughter has decided to get married and considering Charlen’s closeness to her father, posers have begun to fly as to how the former high school lovers will react to each other on Charlene’s biggest day yet.

Will the sparks fly between them during the impending wedding ceremonies enough to reconsider reconciliation? The world awaits; but not the legion of women angling, scheming and fantasising about becoming Pastor Mrs. Oyakhilome.

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